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The Coffin Cruisers attended Scream at the Beach on Saturday evening October 16th.  What a blast.  This was by far the largest crowd we'd seen this year.  The line had already formed by the time we arrived at 5:30 pm and snaked through the parking lot for hours.  Everyone was in a jovial, yet tense mood because characters from inside the Haunted House at Scream at the Beach were coming out and working the line.  I with my body parts apron, and facial mask of stitched skin, walked the line two or three times and posed with kids and adults alike.  Good grief, they were in desperate need of Christmas greeting card photos.  All our Coffin Cruisers Club Hearses were decked out for the occasion.

The Haunt inside was good, but I actually had more fun outside walking through the crowd.  It was truly a fun time, inside and out.  Digger Dave, our Hearse driver, and his "screaming" accomplice Ratty Caddy Chris, had there makeup professional done by the artist inside, and they too had a blast both inside and outside.  Special Thank You to Henry, and the whole gang of actors and security for a hauntingly good evening.

Photos below have no captions as we did not catch the stage names for some of these spooks.  Enjoy them for who they are.  Actors are welcome to download any of these photos for personal use.

Coming soon - A YouTube Video of the crowds at Scream at the Beach.  Sorry but due to obvious reasons, we could not film inside this haunt.  Go see it for yourself.

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The Spider Queen - too Cool!

Spider Queen and your's truly - Tom Ghoul!

The spider queen paid a visit to our hearse spider lair, where the Spider Protector has its egg sack.

"Messed Up" for lack of a better name was one heckuva doll!

Like the characters from Beetlejuice, this Bride and Groom
stopped by to visit Hursula and her spider lair.

What a lovely pair!  This Evil Clown was way over the big top!.

And talking of evil clowns, this one was incredibly cool!

Looks like this guy should have used a napkin after eating his corpse for dinner.

This dyanmic duo could accomplish great things.  Tom Ghoul (left) can chop up the bodies, and the other can eat the remains.  Yech!@

Ratty Caddies Loving Duo came along for the ride.

This spider dropped in and was large enough to cover the hood of this caddie!

Digger Dave, Hursula's Chauffeur, above, and left with Christopher, our side-kick and our new Hearse madame.

Again, we had a great ghoulish time.  We're sorry that we don't have names for all these characters.  But if you are visiting this website and can identify yourself, just email us at and give us the info.

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