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Gruesome Masks

We carry nothing but extraordinary masks.  We doubt you'll find these anywhere else.

Wolf Man

This is one of our more incredible masks.  The detail paid to the hair around the face and ears appears very authentics.  This is a heavy latex, sure to please for many seasons.  (We actually keep one displayed on a wig head, year round because our customers love to look at it.)  Full over the head latex mask.

Item #: 36084




Green Forest Man

Check this out.  This looks like some tree came to life.  There are green vines growing up the back of the neck.  Look at the twigs growing off the chin and around the back of the head.  Even his nose looks like a branch stub. Full over the head latex mask with a large breast plate to hide behind a costume.

Item #: 36094


These Skulls are shoulder pads off the side of the mask.  Also check out the jar bone wrapping around the front of the mask.

The top/back of his helmet.

Our Cream of the Crop Mask:

Space Age Hunter

This mask is one of the most spectacular masks we have ever brought into our line.  The gorilla look head, has a skull head for a hat, and two skulls for the shoulders of the mask.

Check out the shrunken heads he wears around his neck as trophies of hunting.

But wait, that's not all. This mask comes complete with hands.  Below is an adult wearing the incredibly detailed latex gloves.  Furry and scary.

 Full over the head latex mask.

Item #: 36076




The shrunken head necklace


Evil Clown Mask

Finally, a good reason to be afraid of clowns.  Put this mask on and give everyone around you nightmares til' Christmas.  Full over the head latex.

Item #: 36001

Half Laugh Mask

Talk about a split personality, our stitched up clown was on his way home from a kid's party when he crashed his little clown car.  Now his good side has been wiped clean and all that's left is a red nose and a real bad attitude.  Full over the head latex mask.

Item #: 36065



Cut Up Mask

This poor guy flunked the clown academy and was banned for life.  It had something to do with his taste for flesh.  Full over the head latex mask.

Item #: 36064


Blobbo Clown Mask

Forgotten in his locked trailer, as the circus goes on without him, Blobbo won't be in contact with the public for quite some time after his last "incident."   Full over the head latex.

Item #: 36276



Only One Left

Necrodemon Mask

Bone turns to flesh as dark shadows fall over the countryside.   Full over the head latex.

Item #: 36197

Perfect Strike Mask

Who knew bowling could be this hazardous to your health.  Just wear this mask with a bowling shirt and bag for a costume that's sure to knock them dead.   Full over the head latex.

Item #: 36282


Only Two Left

Underworld Zebo Mask

The leader of an underworld race that feeds on human kidneys and leaves the rest for waste. Full over the head latex.

Item #: 36204

Only Two Left

Your Worst Nightmare  Mask

Fresh from the grave and hungry for living flesh, Rawbone rises for Halloween night!  Full over the head latex.

Item #: 36073


Germottin Mask

Deep in the forest hides this unruly troll that snatches all who dare tread.

Item #: 36202



Only One Left

Enos Mask

We told mamma to shut down the lab while was carrying Enos, but she got greedy.  Now he's home for revenge and some of mamma's sweet potato pie.  Full over the head latex.

Item #: 36001

Cletus Mask

They'll squeal like pigs when Cletus throws open the door of his creeped-out trailer.  Just add a pair of overalls and head off to your Halloween hoe down.  Full over the head latex.

Item #: 36061

Sorry! Too Late! Sold out 8/2010


Only Two  Left

Edgar Mask

This mask takes the saying "talking from both sides of your mouth" to a whole new level.  Full over the head latex.

Item #: 36062


Disgusting Tongue Mask

Here's a mask giving us all a good reason to never bite off more than you can chew.  It just might devour you.  Give a little tongue at your next Halloween Party.  Full over the head latex.

Item #: 36111


Apron of Flesh

While cooking up some human stew for our Halloween guests, we kept the faces, a couple of ears and even a pierced nipple and made aprons out of them.  Our guests wiled away the time guessing which old friends thery were.  Enjoy this full frontal approach to cooking and serving your guests. Full latex.

Item #: C4


Autopsi Chest!

The autopsy didn't go well.  This character just raised up off the table and walked out before we could stitch him back up.  This realistic looking rib cage is very three dimensional and looks incredibly real under an opened shirt-front.  All your missing is the smell!  Yech!

Item #: C8



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