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The Davis Graveyard is back.  What a bid hit.  This place is incredible.  Talk about a labor of love.  The amount of effort that goes into setting up this display is immeasurable.  We first visited this location late at night.  It was eerie and spooky.  So we decided to visit it during the day to try and figure out how they do all those ghost and spirits that appear to fly through the graveyard.  This is not really a graveyard.  It is a house on a small slope hill, and the owners knew immediately what they could use the location for.  They had a vision.  And that Vision has resulted in one of the coolest, FREE, haunt sights in the Portland-Metro area.  You can stand in one location and watch all the activity or you can walk this half block spirit vision to enjoy every angle.  Below are just a few photos of some of the sights.

On Sunday October 17th, The Milwaukie High School Dance team performed in the yard from noon until 5 pm.  How incredible they were.  Dressed as zombies, these young actors walked the street (that had been closed by the Milwaukie police for the occasion) and never broke from their act.  As they dragged their feet and stared you down with the evil in their eyes, you felt their character coming through.  And then about every 45 minutes, they returned to the back of the graveyard and emerged dancing to Michael Jackson's Thriller.  It was a sight to behold.

Located on the corner of Johnson Creek Boulevard and 43rd in Milwaukie, Oregon.  The actual address (for those using their GPS) is 8703 SE 43rd.  The display is free but donations are accepted.  See their website at

Below is our YouTube Video of the Milwaukie High School Dancers performing Thriller.



The infamous Davis Graveyard Mud ghouls welcome you into the driveway


Zombie Portraits of Milwaukie High School Dance Team members,

Living Dead Girls are Living Dolls.

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